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Wealth Management

2016 – not a very happy New Year

12 January 2016
Well the New Year’s here and global equity markets are not off to a great start. Most equity markets have recorded their worst start to a calendar year ever. And this comes on the back of calendar 2015 performances which in price terms were negative for most major equity market indices – and those that did record positive performances were mostly in the low single digit range.

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In focus: Tony Kelly

9 December 2015
Recently we sat down with Tony, a client and a friend, to find out more about his remarkable career and to get an update on his exciting new business venture.

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How to help your kids get into the property market

5 December 2015
While other 70-year-olds may be planning exotic cruises or luxurious overseas holidays, state government veterinarian Colin McQueen continues to clock in at the Ararat export abattoir as he works to pay off the last of the three homes he bought in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs for his adult children.

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Reframe your thinking and take control of your future — part two

18 November 2015
In Part One of our discussion on reframing we considered the benefits of thinking about your income as an asset. Turning now from income to your investment assets, it can be equally valuable to reverse your thinking when it comes to your personal balance sheet.

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What do cricket and your personal finances have in common?

10 February 2014
By John Barton
Here's a new way to think about your finances - it's just like cricket. I'm thinking of Adam Gilchrist and Geoff Boycott. Gilchrist was the big-hitting former Australian batsman — lots of runs in quick time. Very exciting to watch. Boycott was the dour, careful Englishman of a generation ago. Again, lots of runs but not much excitement.

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