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Wealth management

The key to adequately building, managing and protecting your hard-earned wealth is to align every area of your financial life - from tax to super to investments - with your short, medium and long-term goals to ensure you have enough for what's important to you now, and in the future.

Create wealth

The creation of wealth is naturally a goal that many people aspire to achieve. You may want to ensure a comfortable retirement, maximise your children’s inheritance or simply live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Whatever your motivation, it is important to remember that building wealth takes time, patience, discipline and, of course, a carefully considered long-term strategy.

Our total wealth management philosophy takes into consideration every aspect of your financial life and is well suited to set you on the path to wealth creation and preservation.

We will take the time to understand and carefully consider your goals in order to recommend the best way forward for you. We will consider the core areas of tax, super and investment while taking into account personal risk mitigation options as well as estate and succession planning.


Protect wealth

Building prudent investment portfolios for our clients is an integral component of our total wealth management philosophy.

We intimately understand that different things are important to different people and that different things are important at different times. This is why we have adopted an investment strategy which is designed to deliver the required returns to meet your unique short, medium and long-term goals. We call this ‘liability-driven investing’.

This approach is not the traditional investment strategy. It is highly personalised, goals-based and risk aware. We will ensure you understand and feel comfortable with the right level of investment risk for you. We will construct a wealth management strategy and portfolio that matches your unique goals that helps you both protect and grow your wealth.


Share wealth

Incorporating philanthropic ambitions into a broader financial strategy is becoming an increasingly popular method to give back to our community.

Whether you donate for tax benefits, because you have a personal connection to a particular charity, or you would just like to help those doing it tough, our philanthropic team can help you realise your giving goals.

We can devise a plan, as part of your total wealth management strategy, to ensure you have enough to meet your charitable commitments and can structure your giving to ensure every valuable dollar is maximised.

From periodic to planned to strategic giving, whatever your approach we are able to help you accomplish your short, medium and long-term philanthropic objectives.