Our total wealth management philosophy

Our total wealth management (TWM) philosophy extends beyond traditional financial planning, beyond wealth and investment management, beyond tax planning and retirement savings. Our total wealth management philosophy is centered on you – your now and your future.

Developed and fine tuned for over 10 years, our TWM approach offers a unique financial advice solution that seamlessly combines the essential advisory, administration and compliance services to help deliver you complete financial clarity and help you get on track and stay on track to achieving your goals.

The power of this philosophy is in the integration of the core advice disciplines of tax, self-managed superannuation, investment and personal risk interwoven with succession and estate planning, banking, finance and philanthropy. Our dedicated specialists can help you fit all the pieces of your financial life into place under one roof to deliver a seamless, integrated solution for you.

We are privately owned and operate under our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

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Featured articles

How much is enough?

By Andrew Albury
Life expectancies are increasing. Interest rates are sitting at historic lows, and look like they’ll stay there for some time yet. Many retirees rely on investment income to fund their retirement years. However, the current low return environment means retirement savings have to stretch further than ever before and the income provided by today’s low yields may not be enough. So how much is enough?

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Comfortable ignorance or an inconvenient truth?

By John Barton
Wealth and health are two topics that many of us flat-out prefer a comfortable level of ignorance compared to the often inconvenient, and sometimes confronting, truth. Most of us tend to avoid, put off and defer the assessments and actions that will actually get us where we want to get. However, getting there will, in most cases, require a level of inconvenience – and many of us simply prefer the comfort of assuming all will be well rather than face a little inconvenience along the way.

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MGD Directors receive prestigious Paul Harris Fellow

MGD Directors, Stephen Furness and Andrew Albury, have received the Paul Harris Fellow, one of The Rotary Foundation’s highest honours and most prestigious community awards. The Paul Harris Fellow is a tribute to an individual whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives of the Rotary Foundation and recognises exemplary work in community service or a substantial donation to the Foundation.

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