Our total wealth management philosophy

Our total wealth management (TWM) philosophy extends beyond traditional financial planning, beyond wealth and investment management, beyond tax planning and retirement savings. Our total wealth management philosophy is centred on you – your now and your future.

Developed and fine-tuned for over 10 years, our TWM approach offers a unique financial advice solution that seamlessly combines the essential advisory, administration and compliance services to help deliver you complete financial clarity and help you get on track and stay on track to achieving your goals.

The power of this philosophy is in the integration of the core advice disciplines of tax, self-managed superannuation, investment and personal risk interwoven with succession and estate planning, banking, finance and philanthropy. Our dedicated specialists can help you fit all the pieces of your financial life into place under one roof to deliver a seamless, integrated solution for you.

We are privately owned and operate under our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

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Featured articles

The last taboo

By John Barton
It wasn’t that long ago that most us considered religion, money, sex, politics and death pretty much off-limits when it came to polite conversation. They were no-go topics almost everywhere. Today, most of us talk fairly openly about all these subjects – all bar one that is. The exception for most of us is money!

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Making sure control of your SMSF falls into the right hands

By Andrew Albury
There are a number of important elements that, when planned, implemented and reviewed correctly and regularly, work together to make a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) operate successfully. One of the most critical, and often overlooked, of these, is succession planning.

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Smart money options for the New Year

By Alec Berry
The investment return outlook is relatively subdued for the next five years following a strong post-GFC rally. This means that now might be an ideal time to take advantage of alternative strategies available to you. So, before diving into 2018 and investing in riskier investments in the hope of gaining those higher returns, now is a good time to consider what other options you have on the table.

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