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Our story


We are a boutique financial services firm that specialises in providing quality tailored financial solutions for individuals, families, businesses, and corporates across Australia. With global capacity, we help our clients manage, protect, and grow their wealth, supporting them to achieve their personal, financial, and career aspirations.

Foundational to our firm is our duty to act in our clients’ best interests. For more than 45 years, we have been building long-standing relationships with our clients, moving in lockstep with them and adapting their financial strategies through the joys, challenges, and complexities life throws their way.

Our firm and many of our advisers have lived and worked through some of the biggest crises, and legislative and regulatory changes of our time. The depth of experience and range of specialist knowledge across our advisory enables us to assist our clients from every financial dimension.

We adopt a total wealth management approach that offers an advice solution that seamlessly combines essential advisory, administration, and compliance services. Our approach enables us to provide our clients with an optimal wealth management solution that is tailored and aligned to the achievement of their personal, business, and lifestyle ambitions and the financial goals that underpin them.

Our suite of specialist advice capabilities includes wealth management, investment and portfolio advisory, superannuation advisory (including self-managed superannuation fund administration), tax advisory, personal and business accounting, personal risk insurance, business succession, as well as working with external advice partners in areas such as estate planning, banking, and general insurances. While our services can be accessed as part of an integrated solution, they are also available separately.

By partnering with us, our clients benefit through achieving clarity and peace-of-mind, access to experts and a dedicated team of advisers, a thorough and professional standard, and tailored project management – so they can focus their time on their families, careers, and ambitions.

MGD is privately owned and we operate under our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL no. 222600).

Our purpose

Our purpose is to enrich and enhance the lives of our clients by providing complete financial clarity and building their financial capability in pursuit of their life goals and aspirations.

We do this by:

  • Delivering tangible value to our clients through best-of-breed financial services and advice that is meaningful, impactful, and integrated across our specialist teams;
  • Providing a highly professional, energetic, and collegial workplace for our people;
  • Building a socially responsible organisation that recognises our dependency on and responsibility to our community; and
  • Building a robust and sustainable business for the MGD community.

Our values

Our services and advice are underpinned by five core values

We strive to make a tangible difference in our clients’ lives.

We collaborate with specialists across our teams and partner with external professionals as required.

We act in our clients’ best interests with honesty, transparency, capability, and commitment.

We promote a welcoming, positive work environment and continuously strive for personal and professional development.

We continuously seek to improve the services and experiences of our clients.

Our timeline

1976: Managed Superannuation Services Pty Ltd was established

1980: Managed became the first Australian firm to introduce Taxable Funds

1992: Managed became the first Queensland firm to introduce Self-Managed Allocated Pensions

1994: Managed became the first Australian firm to introduce Self-Managed Complying Pension Strategy

1995: Managed became the first Australian firm to introduce Reallocation and Reversion Strategies

1997: Managed became the first Australian firm to introduce Surcharge Minimisation Strategies

1999: Development of the Managed Administration platform and of the COMET Wrap Service

2000: Managed became the first Australian firm to introduce Defined Benefit Succession Funds

2002: Managed obtains its Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 222600)

2005: Managed introduces accounting services and taxation advisory to our services

2011: Managed Financial Services undertakes a major brand refresh and becomes MGD Wealth and relocates to our South Brisbane offices

2012: MGD Wealth launches implemented portfolio solutions via LDI Connect Asset Management

2017: MGD acquires Your Risk Protection Specialists (YRPS)

2018: Launch of MGD Private

2020: MGD acquires Stonechat Capital (now MGD Capital Advisors)

2021: MGD acquires LJ Partners

2023: MGD acquires Holland and Holland