BEYOND Cycling Challenge Complete - Over $1M raised for TRACTION - MGD
26 April 2024

The BEYOND 5-day charity ride, 15 –19 April 2024, saw an incredible effort from all riders, collectively raising over $1M for TRACTION. MGD’s team exceeded their $200,000 fundraising target, reaching $223,889 to contribute to the event’s collective success and showcasing their dedication.


TRACTION empowers young people through hands-on learning and mentoring programs that focus on building confidence and skills. These programs provide a nurturing environment that fosters social and emotional well-being, helping young people to engage in learning, build connections, and develop skills for healthy relationships.

TRACTION also guides young people to consider future employment pathways and manage life’s challenges effectively. The funds raised through events like BEYOND go directly to supporting these programs.

About the Ride – BEYOND for TRACTION Cycling Challenge

The Traction Beyond Challenge was a real test of endurance for the riders. The MGD team, including John Barton, CEO, Peter Cottell, Director, Wealth, and their fellow riders, embarked on a journey that spanned almost 800 km and included more than 10,000m of elevation gain. This remarkable distance was covered over five days, with each day presenting its unique challenges and triumphs.

The ride commenced with a gruelling 170km trek from Esk to Toowoomba via Hampton, which included a seriously testing 30km climb. Monday’s journey set a high bar for the week, but it was Thursday’s ride that was truly monumental. The team left Melrose Station at the break of dawn and arrived in Surfers Paradise just before dusk. They rode through Legume, Woodenbong, Rathdowney, Hillview, Beaudesert, Canungra, and Nerang, covering a total of 222km and 2,800m of vertical ascent in a single day.

The riders demonstrated determination throughout the challenge, united by a shared goal to support TRACTION and make a meaningful difference.

At the event’s end, the riders’ efforts culminated in a fundraising total $1M. Most importantly, thanks to some very generous sponsors who covered all event costs, 100% of these funds go directly to TRACTION programs.

The BEYOND for TRACTION Cycling Challenge is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when individuals come together for a greater cause, and the funds raised will continue to support TRACTION’s vital work of empowering young people.