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19 March 2024

Richard Marsden

Director - International and Executive

Foreign Retirement Funds is chapter two of our upcoming eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to Repatriation for Australian Expats, which has been designed to help Australian expats make a seamless re-entry back to Australia. 

We want to help you navigate the complexities that may arise and Foreign Retirement Funds can help guide you through two key areas of uncertainty;

1. Upon becoming an Australian tax resident, how a foreign retirement account may be taxed in both the source or home country of the retirement fund and in Australia?; and

2. Whether or not it is possible and is a good idea to transfer a foreign retirement account to an Australian superannuation fund?

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Our experience advising Australian expats
For more than four decades, we have advised Australians on a successful path; executives, professionals, and business owners, whether residing in Australia or overseas.

We offer integrated financial advice to individuals that encompasses tax planning as an essential component. Our approach focuses on providing comprehensive guidance for clients in achieving their financial goals through financial planning, wealth management, and tax planning. Being engaged to only provide specialist tax advice relating to repatriation is not something we do.

We leave that to specialist accountants and lawyers who practice solely in that space and who are engaged by clients solely for that purpose. Many of our clients have successfully repatriated from various regions, such as Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA. We have extensive experience in assisting individuals transitioning to the Australian taxation system with our integrated advice capability.

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