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ATO’s sights set on unreported foreign income

8 October 2019
By Ling Dias
The ATO has reminded taxpayers to report all foreign income this tax time or risk facing hefty penalties. This includes but is not limited to income derived from work, investments or family members. The call for accurate reporting comes off the back of recently implemented international data sharing agreements.

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Unsettling events in Hong Kong

23 August 2019
By Richard Marsden
We all really want the recent events in Hong Kong over the last month to settle down and move back to ‘business as usual’. Having said that, people are naturally concerned and we are receiving more enquiries from expats in Hong Kong who are seeking to understand Australian repatriation issues and put in place a plan to return to Australia if matters deteriorate over the short, medium or longer term...

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Undisclosed offshore income and assets? It’s time to get some advice.

20 November 2018
By Brett Schmidt
The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is the latest weapon available to global tax authorities in their fight against international tax evasion...

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What happens to SMSFs if members go overseas?

12 July 2017
By David Lloyd
While living and working abroad can be an attractive option, there are a number of things to take into consideration beforehand. This includes SMSF compliance.

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