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HECS-HELP debts might be interest free, but they are set for a steep indexation this year!

10 May 2023
By Jessica Harris
A HECS debt (otherwise known as a HELP debt) is an interest free loan, that allows you to slowly pay off your education loan as you reach certain taxable income thresholds. Whilst it is an interest free loan, it is indeed, indexed (increased).

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Young People and Super – Can We Eat Our Avocado and Retire Too?

12 December 2022
By Priyanka Luecke
For many younger people, superannuation is generally a low priority on their list of things to consider. Which is why, with a raft of legislative reforms now in play, there are active efforts from Government to engage the younger generation more in their superannuation.

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Getaway ideas without breaking the bank

25 January 2019
The Australia Day long weekend is almost upon us, and whether you’re keeping it local or going to Fyre Festival 2.0 (see Netflix if you don’t know what this is), there are always expensive and less expensive ways to travel...

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2019: Think like a CFO

14 January 2019
To help you break the cycle and get a handle on your cash flow so you can hit your personal, business and lifestyle goals in the face of a challenging and volatile future investment environment, we have shared four tips that you can implement today.

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Understanding the First Home Super Saver Scheme

10 April 2018
With housing affordability becoming increasingly challenging, many first home buyers are trying to best manage their path to the goal of owning property. To assist with these efforts, starting on 1 July 2017 a new initiative was introduced for Australians looking at getting themselves into the property market.

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Smart money options for the New Year

20 December 2017
The investment return outlook is relatively subdued for the next five years following a strong post-GFC rally. This means that now might be an ideal time to take advantage of alternative strategies available to you. So, before diving into 2018 and investing in riskier investments in the hope of gaining those higher returns, now is a good time to consider what other options you have on the table.

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Comfortable ignorance or an inconvenient truth?

15 November 2017
By John Barton
Wealth and health are two topics that many of us flat-out prefer a comfortable level of ignorance compared to the often inconvenient, and sometimes confronting, truth. Most of us tend to avoid, put off and defer the assessments and actions that will actually get us where we want to get. However, getting there will, in most cases, require a level of inconvenience – and many of us simply prefer the comfort of assuming all will be well rather than face a little inconvenience along the way.

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Five money tips for young professionals

25 August 2017
We understand that as a young professional, you’re juggling a number of competing priorities, and that it can be difficult finding the time or headspace to think about your financial future. However, with age on your side, you are in a powerful position. We've shared five considerations to help get you started in building the foundations for your financial future...

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