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Cash flow

What does a woman want?

By Rachel Barlow
Despite thirty years of research, Freud could not answer “What does a woman want?” Let’s not untangle that mystery! Let’s talk about what studies have shown the main financial goals for women to be, including repaying the mortgage, understanding and contributing to super, retirement planning, improving financial literacy as well as looking after family (children and parents).

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Changing Perspectives

By John Barton
By changing your perspective and adopting a few key techniques from your personal health management to your personal wealth management, you may come to realise that the two practises aren’t so dissimilar

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Getaway ideas without breaking the bank

By Alec Berry
The Australia Day long weekend is almost upon us, and whether you’re keeping it local or going to Fyre Festival 2.0 (see Netflix if you don’t know what this is), there are always expensive and less expensive ways to travel...

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