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Foreign Investment

A Biden world

30 November 2020
As the world shrugs off the uncertainty of one of the most divisive US presidential elections in history and watches on as president-elect, Joe Biden, assumes office, the question everyone is now asking is; what does a Biden administration look like for markets and the economy? The answer should largely lie in the history of Biden’s political scorecard and whether his administration will lean towards a pro-market and pro-economic outcome.

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A note from our Investment Committee: volatility in equity markets

22 August 2019
By Stephen Furness
Large falls in equity markets in recent days have seen commentators focus on the increasing risks of a global recession. We provide a brief update below.

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Undisclosed offshore income and assets? It’s time to get some advice.

20 November 2018
By Brett Schmidt
The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is the latest weapon available to global tax authorities in their fight against international tax evasion...

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The next four years

10 November 2016
By John Barton
As we’ve now had just over 24 hours to digest one of the most unprecedented upsets ever seen in US political history, it is now time to take a deep breath and consider what the next four years could mean for the US, Australia and global markets.

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What happens to markets if Trump wins?

4 November 2016
With the US presidential election just days away, speculation and commentary is coming from all directions. Most commentators agree that a Clinton victory is still more likely than not and would be relatively benign for markets. Of course, a Clinton victory is not assured, with Trump closing in the polls in recent days.

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Brexit: a message from the MGD Wealth Investment Committee

28 June 2016
We have noted for some time, through our LDI Connect portfolio updates, investment risks in general terms remain elevated and the “Brexit Vote” highlights such an event that can upset markets. Brexit is just one of numerous issues at any point in time that are risk event considerations for investors as we deal with what are certainly challenging and interesting times.

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Moving to, investing in and doing business in Australia for the wealthy

22 March 2016
Australia continues to develop its taxation and migration laws to attract wealthy foreign citizens to invest in and to live in Australia. Although moving to or investing in Australia can be attractive, expert advice should be obtained to ensure compliance with Australian regulations.

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ATO taxes Chinese citizen on cash transferred to Australia….a timely reminder for immigrants

22 December 2015
Case study: ATO taxes citizen on overseas cash transfers made to Australia after he moved here.

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Reduced penalty period deadline for foreign investment breaches fast approaching

22 October 2015
Earlier this year the Australian Government announced reductions in penalties for foreign investors who disclose breaches of Australia’s foreign investment rules for purchases of Australian residential real estate. This offer will come to an end on 30th November 2015.

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