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HECS-HELP debts might be interest free, but they are set for a steep indexation this year!

10 May 2023
By Jessica Harris
A HECS debt (otherwise known as a HELP debt) is an interest free loan, that allows you to slowly pay off your education loan as you reach certain taxable income thresholds. Whilst it is an interest free loan, it is indeed, indexed (increased).

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Young People and Super – Can We Eat Our Avocado and Retire Too?

12 December 2022
By Priyanka Luecke
For many younger people, superannuation is generally a low priority on their list of things to consider. Which is why, with a raft of legislative reforms now in play, there are active efforts from Government to engage the younger generation more in their superannuation.

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Rolling Your Money – It’s a Bumpy Road

8 November 2022
By Priyanka Luecke
The term ‘rollover’ refers to transferring money within the superannuation environment. This article discusses the process of doing this through SuperStream, a government reform to improve the efficiency of the superannuation system, and the potential issues some people are experiencing.

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Director ID – Director I-Can’t

1 November 2022
By Priyanka Luecke
The director identification number is a 15-digit unique identifier that will help prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities with the new registry services of the Australian Business Registry Services. The purpose of the director ID is to trace directors’ relationships with their companies and prevent illegal phoenix activity.

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ATO Expands Audit Scope on Related Party Leases

20 September 2022
By Andrew Albury
The Australian Taxation Office has heightened its focus on related party leases and has adopted a stricter approach in the way it applies the sole purpose test and section 109.

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Reminder: Compulsory Director ID

1 September 2022
Last year, we shared some information about the requirement for all new and existing directors of a company, registered Australian body, registered foreign company, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation to apply for and obtain a director identification number. We would like to remind existing directors that they must apply for a director ID by 30 November 2022.

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Compulsory Director Identification Number

25 October 2021
Earlier this year, the government released a data standard for Director Identification Numbers, which follows on from the Treasury Laws Amendment (Registries Modernisation and Other Measures) Act 2020. The Treasury has now revealed the deadlines by which new and existing directors will need to apply for a director ID to avoid civil and criminal penalties.

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Planning for the high costs of education

2 July 2019
By John Barton
When it comes to raising kids, there’s not much that’s as important as ensuring they receive a good education. So, whether you’re thinking about your children or your grandchildren, ensuring you’ve thought ahead – particularly in relation to who you intend to pay for the inevitable costs – is paramount.

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What does a woman want?

7 June 2019
By Rachel Barlow
Despite thirty years of research, Freud could not answer “What does a woman want?” Let’s not untangle that mystery! Let’s talk about what studies have shown the main financial goals for women to be, including repaying the mortgage, understanding and contributing to super, retirement planning, improving financial literacy as well as looking after family (children and parents).

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Education Bonds: investing for children and grandchildren

21 February 2017
Last week, we introduced the concept of an insurance bond for tax-effective saving outside superannuation. We also touched on a unique sub-class of insurance bonds, known as education bonds, which can be used to invest for your child/grandchild’s future in a tax-effective way and to make certain educational expenses tax deductible.

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