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Reduced penalty period deadline for foreign investment breaches fast approaching

22 October 2015
Earlier this year the Australian Government announced reductions in penalties for foreign investors who disclose breaches of Australia’s foreign investment rules for purchases of Australian residential real estate. This offer will come to an end on 30th November 2015.

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MGD welcomes rejection of ban on super borrowing

20 October 2015
MGD Wealth has today welcomed the decision by Federal Government to reject a recommendation to remove direct borrowing by superannuation funds.

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ATO widens audit scope on distribution of profits from professional service firms

9 October 2015
ATO audit risk assessment factors for application in 2014–15 and beyond for remuneration of principal practitioners.

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Opinion: speculated changes to super

7 September 2015
The broken record of media-fuelled debate about speculated changes to superannuation is still spinning. Sadly, the basis for any such debate is flawed and is counter-productive to engendering confidence within the community.

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What do cricket and your personal finances have in common?

10 February 2014
By John Barton
Here's a new way to think about your finances - it's just like cricket. I'm thinking of Adam Gilchrist and Geoff Boycott. Gilchrist was the big-hitting former Australian batsman — lots of runs in quick time. Very exciting to watch. Boycott was the dour, careful Englishman of a generation ago. Again, lots of runs but not much excitement.

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